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As part of our guarantee to you for choosing Throgmortons' to repair your vehicle, and proof of the confidence that we have in the quality of our work, we will provide you with the following limited warranty on the work that we do. Throgmortons' Frame Clinic Inc. provides a Limited warranty on all repairs performed on your vehicle. This Limited Warranty is granted only to the person whose name appears on the work for as long as you own the vehicle. Our warranty extends to the following areas:

Body, Metal, and Frame Work:

Throgmortons' provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY from the date of repair on all metalwork and frame repair performed by Throgmortons' against cracking, flaking, pitting, or deterioration, This warranty encompasses all welding and the applied materials used in the repair process, excluding rust repair.The shop will repair and repaint any metalwork warranted hereby, excluding rust repair, at its sole discretion, when claim is made within warranted period. This warranty will not apply to defects arising from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of vehicle.

Paint, Striping, and Decals:

Throgmortons' will provide a 10 Year  Valspar warranty from the date of repair on painting related priming and paintwork performed by us against:

      a) Cracking and checking

     b) Hazing, chalking, or fading leading to a severs loss of gloss

     c) Peeling of the topcoat or any layers from the substrate.

This warranty applies to all of the refinished areas indicated on the certificate and covers all of the listed defects, if they are not prominent and extensive, and were not apparent at the time owner accepts the repaired vehicle.

This warranty does not cover any defects or damage to the repairs that results from:

     a) System failures due to pre-existing body rust.

     b) Deterioration of the finish caused by waxes and detergents not intended for automotive use,aced rain, industrial fallout or other environmental effects.

     c) Scratches, abrasions, or stone chips, whether intentional or accidental.

      d) Damages caused by another collision. 


These guarantees and exclusions also apply to any application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals that is performed by Throgmortons' against the loss of adhesion. Throgmortons' at its sole discretion, will re-prime, re-paint, re-stripe or re-decal the specific section or sections of the warranted vehicle, excluding rust repair, when the claim is made within 14 days after any defect covered by this warranty becomes apparent.

Mechanical Repairs and Parts:

Throgmortons' will provide a ONE (1) YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY from the date of repair on all mechanical repairs and NEW OEM parts installed by or at the shop. If the manufacturer's warranty for such a part is shorter in duration, Throgmortons' warranty for such part shall then be limited to the duration of the will repair or replace any defective NEW OEM part, at its sole option, when claim is made within the warranty period, except for defects resulting from unreasonable use. THIS WRITTEN WARRANTY all be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted or tampered with by any person other than the Throgmortons' employees. This warranty is not transferable. Limitations and exceptions to this warranty apply only where normal wear-and-tear, use and environmental damages are concerned or where actual manufacturers warranties apply. Please contact us in the unlikely event that a problem should arise with the repair.

Specifically Excluded: Rust through, and/or damage caused by the rusting of non-replaced panels is not covered. IN NO EVENT SHALL THROGMORTONS' BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ( INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO TOWING FEES, CAR RENTAL CHARGES, TRAVEL EXPENSES, OR ASSEMBLIES OR COMPONENTS WHICH ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY COVERED HEREUNDER ) OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ( INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED OCCURS OR IS DISCOVERED BEFORE OR AFTER REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

THE SOLE OBLIGATION OF THROGMORTONS', AND THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OF PURCHASED, IN CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHER WISE, SHALL BE LIMITED TO REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR AS SPECIFIED HEREIN. The duration of all warranties implied by law, including warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to one year. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above may not apply to you.

Customer's Obligations: In order to obtain the benefits of this warranty, the owner of the vehicle must do the following:

  • Present the owner's copy of this warranty document or other proof of covered repairs such as service receipts or work orders to Throgmortons' before requesting warrant-able repairs or parts. Throgmortons' will cooperate fully to establish the date of the original covered repairs and the eligibility of the claimant for warrant-able repairs; and

  • Have any warrant-able repair, adjustment, or inspection made at Throgmortons' during normal business hours.

Sole Agreement- This Agreement of Warranty " Terms and Conditions " constitutes the Sole Agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all prior, oral or written agreements or understandings among warranties or inducements have been made by any part to any other party except as set forth in this written agreement.

Thank you.

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